NYSCATE Chat transcript
(Note: djakes was originally logged in as willrich45 for the chat. I've changed the name in the transcript below)

[12:33:02] <nandikerri> : high whine in sound quality here-
[12:33:02] <robinellis> : Mine too Jen
[12:33:05] <vjansen> : hi all
[12:33:09] <nandikerri> : much feedback?
[12:33:25] <JenniferWagner> : just a bit
[12:34:02] <djakes> : How is the sound?
[12:34:02] <sharonp> : applause applause
[12:34:06] <nandikerri> : (trying with headphones)
[12:34:18] <djakes> : This is @djakes on wills account
[12:34:20] <sharonp> : audio is NOT the greatest
[12:34:27] <JenniferWagner> : hey WILL
[12:34:30] <nandikerri> : thanks for the updatedjakes
[12:34:35] <sharonp> : quality comes and goes... not too bad now
[12:34:45] <scottswanson> : Audio is better than this AM's will session, dave.
[12:34:54] <djakes> : but you can hear it right
[12:34:58] <sharonp> : yes
[12:34:59] <scmorgan> : It's good now
[12:35:01] <djakes> : OK
[12:35:06] <scottswanson> : still a little soft, like the mic is not directional . audible if I turn it up
[12:35:10] <nandikerri> : barely-
[12:35:35] <robinellis> : having a hard time hearing as well
[12:35:43] <JenniferWagner> : lol hey djakes --
[12:35:43] <nandikerri> : anyone know the topic of this session?
[12:35:48] <JenniferWagner> : ty for doing this
[12:35:54] <scmorgan> : External speakers help:)
[12:36:00] <djakes> : adjusted volume
[12:36:02] <scottswanson> : Topic? With Stager there is no topic. Only listen.
[12:36:08] <simonsays> : Hi Sharon
[12:36:09] <sharonp> : hah
[12:36:12] <sharonp> : Hi Simon!
[12:36:28] <sharonp> : what's the weather like in TO?
[12:36:33] <nandikerri> : LOL- saw Stager at NYSAIS tech conference a while ago
[12:36:57] <simonsays> : mild, 11 C
[12:37:02] <sharonp> : Simon, were you at the edtech conference in TO last week (or so)?
[12:37:05] <simonsays> : nott bad for November
[12:37:05] <sharonp> : lucky you
[12:37:18] <simonsays> : no I wasn't
[12:37:33] <simonsays> : were you?
[12:37:48] <nandikerri> : any independent school educators here?
[12:37:52] <simonsays> : honestly didn't know there was one
[12:37:54] <sharonp> : no, but I understand that Stager followed Konrad Glogowski and would have loved to have seen that meeting!
[12:38:08] <lbilak-1> : any stream yet
[12:38:18] <sharonp> : yes, video and audio is streaming
[12:38:19] <djakes> : Please develop a question for Gary or Will
[12:38:21] <nandikerri> : streaming up, yes
[12:38:54] <djakes> : uh oh
[12:39:37] <djakes> : everyone still there?
[12:39:38] <mjmontagne> : how do you address schools w/traditional model who are sending students to best schools in country? How do you encourage these schools look at different methods, techniques and tools?
[12:39:45] <scottswanson> : we're here, David
[12:39:54] <mke614> : still here
[12:39:57] <djakes> : ok
[12:39:58] <scmorgan> : yes...sounds good
[12:40:14] <JenniferWagner> : sound is softr -- but we are here
[12:40:20] <robinellis> : yes
[12:40:42] <sharonp> : am thinking .... Stager - I believe - regards himself as a social constructivist... what role does connective technology play (in his way of thinking) beyond creation?
[12:40:59] <sharonp> : that didn't come out right -
[12:41:16] <nandikerri> : Q for Will/Gary- have you yet seen the 'school of the future' that you both mention in action anywhere? If so, please describe. If not- describe the school/school exerience that is closest to the school of the future/school 2.0
[12:41:42] <sharonp> : DOES connective technology(ies) have a place in a social constructivist classroom? i.e. beyond creating programs and products?
[12:41:53] <djakes> : Thank you for the questions
[12:41:54] <mjmontagne> : Audio and video is awesome...ustream rocks!
[12:41:59] <nandikerri> : his theories about social constructivism predate his public discussions of connectivtive technology....
[12:42:09] <djakes> : Will Rich = David Jakes, for those of you new to the chat
[12:42:21] <scottswanson> : I think he just spoke to the role of connective technology, actually, in that social constructivist framework
[12:42:28] <djakes> : What is the single biggest way to improve conferences?
[12:42:57] <nandikerri> : djakes- found you on twitter, thanks
[12:43:18] <sharonp> : Why are we separating technology conferences from "mainstream" conferences?
[12:43:19] <sroustan> : @djakes i think the unconference model - or moderated playing works well
[12:43:23] <djakes> : Absolutely
[12:43:31] <nandikerri> : just came from an unconference here...
[12:43:46] <scmorgan> : When Gary visited VAIS tech two years ago, he keynoted and then spent the next day in small groups with us. As did Will last year. Makes them a part of the ongoing conversation AFTER the presentation
[12:43:47] <djakes> : There is a disconnect between technology and curriculum people
[12:43:50] <nandikerri> : it mostly worked I think, the conference model must support the content
[12:44:07] <robinellis> : yes there is djakes still an add on in many places
[12:44:15] <sharonp> : as long as we have that disconnect.... we will continue to see it systemically, right down to the classroom level
[12:44:31] <djakes> : There is a lack of understanding by leadership what the issues are related to technology
[12:44:52] <sroustan> : i think that's accurate. leadership are beginning to catch on, though
[12:44:55] <robinellis> : leadership in many cases does not model either
[12:44:56] <stevehargadon> : I think what Gary is saying is that there are a lot of good pedagogical uses for computers outside of Web 2.0. But something is happening with Web 2.0 and collaboration is something bigger.
[12:45:22] <djakes> : I think Will is right on this one...
[12:45:28] <scmorgan> : We've been arguing about using the filter to control bandwidth...not a great idea from the curricular point of view
[12:45:30] <robinellis> : I will agree with Will they use as data collection tool
[12:45:31] <atruger> : DJakes~Disconnect between tech and curriculum that is what I am fighting in my district. We are redesigning our curr and tech is not included
[12:45:39] <robinellis> : communication tool ie email
[12:45:43] <nandikerri> : q? for will/gary- will the 'inter/web' users or digital immigrants grow up? Meaning- will anyone care in 10 years about the 'inappropriate' photos of themselves on social networking sites?
[12:45:45] <scottswanson> : Djakes: for CIOs, yes. Not for district admins and superintendents
[12:46:04] <nandikerri> : how do you get those that make the decisions to use the technology
[12:46:12] <sroustan> : ah the great question
[12:46:14] <sharonp> : ETSB has zero filtering??? what??
[12:46:18] <djakes> : @atruger. Yes, technology generally is not seen as part of the curriculum, or is it in your schools?
[12:46:21] <susanvg> : but other school boards in Quebec filter everything
[12:46:27] <sharonp> : Quebecers.... is that true?
[12:46:36] <scmorgan> : yes, at our school it is
[12:46:46] <atruger> : @djakes Nope it is an add on when someone points it out
[12:46:50] <susanvg> : As far as I know they are not filtering at ETSB
[12:46:52] <simonsays> : YouTube was blocked at by my board because one teacher complained
[12:47:02] <nandikerri> : is 'technology' a curriculum or a tool or both? is'nt this the first pedgogical decision?
[12:47:02] <djakes> : djakes: I agree, atruger
[12:47:04] <simonsays> : thankfully that decision was reversed
[12:47:06] <atruger> : I am the tech specialist at my dist and it's just nuts
[12:47:08] <nandikerri> : hi from the chat room!
[12:47:14] <sharonp> : I find that hard to believe.... but it may be true - I want to talk to the RECIT guy at ETSB then!
[12:47:16] <simonsays> : now we just need to address the bandwidth issue
[12:47:18] <scmorgan> : Teachers at my school are not blocked at all
[12:47:35] <khokanson> : bandwidth is a hugh problem
[12:47:39] <sharonp> : scmorgan - where are you?
[12:47:52] <scmorgan> : yes, but it can be controlled in ways other than the filter:)
[12:47:59] <scmorgan> : Virginia
[12:48:05] <scmorgan> : independent school
[12:48:11] <atruger> : We were not filtered bc no on did anything and now they just started blocking everything! I get around it or else I would not be here
[12:48:20] <scottswanson> : if bandwidth is a huge problem, then it is an artifical one in many cases. the fiber exists. it's a pricing model or other economic/political block, then
[12:48:33] <khokanson> : very true scott
[12:48:40] <nandikerri> : <--no blocking here at all, NYC independent school
[12:48:41] <djakes> : QUESTION: Can we translate the way we learning individually to a larger context that would apply to classrooms of kids?
[12:48:49] <khokanson> : but if the infrastructure is not in place it make things difficult
[12:48:58] <scottswanson> : No blocking here, either -- IMSA (state public selective residential 10-12)
[12:49:01] <djakes> : infrastructure = leadership
[12:49:01] <simonsays> : our bandwidth is wide open for admin, half of that for teachers, and half again for students
[12:49:08] <atruger> : I second that khokanson
[12:49:10] <sharonp> : good point, teacher is changed, not diminished
[12:49:17] <shoemap> : Most collaborative tools require email address to sign up..students don't have. A barrier for our district.
[12:49:33] <khokanson> : but often it is the board, not the teachers / administrators that are makng the financial decisions
[12:49:53] <fsinfo> : can you get around the email problem by creating an email for that purpose like with
[12:50:00] <djakes> : @shoemap. We have to give kids email addresses for that purpose (comment by djakes)
[12:50:04] <scmorgan> : yes, go Gary!
[12:50:24] <khokanson> : and those folks / the $$ decision makers are often not educators & have their own agenda
[12:50:33] <scottswanson> : again, this is just policy and fear. Google apps for education are free without ads for all students. ahem?
[12:50:36] <scmorgan> : djakes-we give our kids school emails and then tell them to get back up gmail accounts
[12:50:36] <shoemap> : Gaggle presented to us last week. Wouldn't load. Not a good sign.
[12:50:54] <JenniferWagner> : do we need email addresses?? would not access to wiki's do the same - especially for those who don't allow email for students
[12:51:08] <atruger> : Our district is freaking out about Google or not
[12:51:13] <cchausis> : anyone using the Google provided emails for schools... uses your existing domain
[12:51:18] <fsinfo> : right now voicethread and animoto need email registrations for instance
[12:51:21] <shoemap> : Wikis are a good start, but there is so much more out there
[12:51:24] <khokanson> : @jlwagner but you need email to get a wiki account
[12:51:33] <scottswanson> : jennifer: the problem is not "getting around blocked email", it's torching the limited minds who want to stop students from emailing (= communicating) in the first place
[12:51:37] <djakes> : giving kids email addresses is the least of our problems, if we can't solve that, we are toast (comment by djakes)
[12:51:41] <khokanson> : most web20 aps need email for sign up
[12:51:41] <JenniferWagner> : no -- you can create one for your students to utlize
[12:51:54] <JenniferWagner> : specailly for the YOUNGER students
[12:51:54] <cchausis> : wikispaces will create custom logins and passwords for your students... no email required
[12:52:00] <sharonp> : email accts not necessarily needed - the guys at wikispaces are very accommodating - one just needs to email them and ask
[12:52:12] <JenniferWagner> : yes!! charlene!!
[12:52:13] <cchausis> : contact the wikispaces team, Dom, Adam, etc.
[12:52:17] <khokanson> : @jlwagner but one account, the kids can't be held accountable..Sharon I have found the same thing
[12:52:23] <simonsays> : gotta love wikispaces!
[12:52:27] <scottswanson> : red herring, folks! these are tcchnical details. stop being clever at getting around them and sack the idiots causing the problems in the first place.
[12:52:39] <shoemap> : :-)
[12:52:46] <atruger> : LOL
[12:52:46] <djakes> : QUESTION: Chris Lehmann says: What is the worst consequence of your best idea? Discus
[12:52:57] <sharonp> : agreed scott, but so many decisions are made through fear and ignorance, not reality and pedagogy
[12:53:03] <JenniferWagner> : LOL there are always going to be "idiots" we just need to find workarounds until they go away :)
[12:53:13] <scottswanson> : My focus in more on making them go away.
[12:53:43] <atruger> : @chris Lehman A learning opportunity
[12:53:48] <sharonp> : we are all at different places in terms of spheres of influence.... we can only operate in teh sphere we are in
[12:54:08] <nandikerri> : microphone issues...?
[12:54:12] <scottswanson> : until then, I guess I am glad that we use lame blocking software, so the kids can get around it anyway. (nice intermod moment, Will!)
[12:54:13] <atruger> : cell phone
[12:54:17] <mke614> : I was wondering what that was. lol
[12:54:18] <djakes> : no, will got a call on his iphone
[12:54:34] <nandikerri> : LOL
[12:54:34] <sharonp> : Will's obsession has caught up with him!
[12:54:34] <kpruitt> : eliminate overlap in districts and you could free up enough money to do just about anything. We have 3 "web page" options
[12:54:39] <atruger> : lol
[12:54:40] <scottswanson> : that's the blipping of GSM intermod. I think we all know it, sigh.
[12:54:41] <scmorgan> : Will says it so well....
[12:54:43] <JenniferWagner> : I have thoght about Chris' comment since it was posted a long time ago -- I think my worst consequence was that I lost my job -- which ended up being a GREAT consequenc
[12:55:10] <scmorgan> : Wow, JenniferW...that's neat!
[12:55:12] <JenniferWagner> : guess what I mean was - it was well worth the consequence
[12:55:14] <shoemap> : That's a pretty big consequence
[12:55:48] <nandikerri> : Worse consequence tunred out to be a community-wide discussion with parents about the 'why' of technology in education, I ended up just watching
[12:55:56] <atruger> : Close a door open a window and fly
[12:55:57] <djakes> : Tell me the percentage of teachers in your building that are Web 2.0 tool savvy...
[12:55:59] <cchausis> : it's amazing... there are 50 of us viewing and discussing this
[12:56:09] <mke614> : 1%
[12:56:11] <atruger> : 0%
[12:56:11] <scmorgan> : Those consequences move us along, though. Regardless of how huge they are
[12:56:13] <JenniferWagner> : %
[12:56:18] <JenniferWagner> : %
[12:56:19] <nandikerri> : (I gave 3rd graders email addys for a project and asked for forgiveness after)
[12:56:19] <kpruitt> : 2%
[12:56:19] <scottswanson> : 10%?
[12:56:22] <JenniferWagner> : fiv e
[12:56:26] <cchausis> : maybe 1%
[12:56:26] <sroustan> : 1-2%
[12:56:28] <nandikerri> : 50%
[12:56:38] <JenniferWagner> : natalie wants to know what you mean by tech savey
[12:56:38] <scmorgan> : 20%
[12:56:41] <cchausis> : sorry.. maybe 10%
[12:56:54] <fsinfo> : maybe 1 %
[12:57:01] <djakes> : they understand what web 2.0 tools are and can apply those tools to learning
[12:57:10] <cchausis> : web2.0 savvy vs tech savvy?
[12:57:13] <djakes> : djakes = willrich in the discussion
[12:57:14] <scottswanson> : oh, if that's all, 25%
[12:57:17] <JenniferWagner> : we change to 1/2 percent
[12:57:17] <djakes> : Web 2.o
[12:57:22] <shoemap> : not many know what web 2.0 means despite workshops and usergroups going on
[12:57:32] <budtheteacher> : Djakes/willrich: I thought you were on a plane.
[12:57:36] <djakes> : focus, Gary
[12:57:39] <chrischampion> : Thanks David... I was trying to find WillRich's keyboard up there :-)
[12:57:40] <JenniferWagner> : I have two friends watching with us!!!
[12:57:45] <djakes> : nah
[12:57:48] <sharonp> : Bud, try to keep up!
[12:57:54] <cchausis> : teachers just returned from NCTE and came back more aware!
[12:58:21] <sharonp> : was there a lot of web 2 at NCTE??
[12:58:26] <budtheteacher> : @sharonp: Forgive me - I'm slow.
[12:58:33] <sharonp> : lol
[12:58:36] <budtheteacher> : I'm curious about NCTE, too - I'm usually there.
[12:58:40] <djakes> : QUESTION: how many teachers in your schools would be interested in learning more about Web 2.0
[12:58:41] <budtheteacher> : Missed it this year.
[12:58:42] <scmorgan> : Mine did, too cchausis
[12:58:48] <JenniferWagner> : 005
[12:58:53] <chrischampion> : I think a small %, David
[12:58:54] <JenniferWagner> : ONE HUNDRED
[12:59:06] <scottswanson> : 80%, David.
[12:59:08] <dhammond> : language arts = reading + writing + THINKING!
[12:59:09] <shoemap> : They say they are interested in web 2.0, but don't follow up or try much
[12:59:15] <sharonp> : I think many - most teachers would think it ONE MORE thing on their already overloaded plate
[12:59:18] <chrischampion> : right, shoemap
[12:59:24] <JenniferWagner> : they are very interested -- but we are taking baby steps
[12:59:28] <fsinfo> : maybe 20% - many don't want to change
[12:59:41] <chrischampion> : "As long as I don't have to learn something IN ADDITION to my district's initiatives
[12:59:41] <JenniferWagner> : they are teaching each other -- not me teaching them
[12:59:47] <cchausis> : did everyone here order their XO?
[12:59:51] <sharonp> : we need to show them that often web 2 is a more EFFICIENT way to use tech
[12:59:59] <sharonp> : yes, mine is on the way.... I hope
[13:00:05] <djakes> : Efficient, or transformative?
[13:00:05] <sroustan> : @cchausis no - no money. :(
[13:00:18] <scottswanson> : @cchausis 11/12 AM
[13:00:27] <sharonp> : @djakes - we know BOTH, but time is an issue
[13:00:32] <scmorgan> : My teachers say they feel overwhelmed...yes, first using tech in not more efficient:)
[13:00:36] <djakes> : why is time an issue?
[13:00:44] <nandikerri> : technology can be both efficient and transformative...which is your goal first?
[13:00:48] <cchausis> : @scmorgan -- agree heartily
[13:00:53] <sharonp> : lack of time, perceived lack of time to learn new skills
[13:00:54] <scottswanson> : nandi: xform
[13:00:54] <djakes> : if its important, schools find time
[13:01:00] <robinellis> : depends on the individual as well
[13:01:03] <scmorgan> : Yes, but doesn't the efficiency come after the learning?
[13:01:05] <JenniferWagner> : because they are not seeing how the tool can be used RATHER than the standard old way
[13:01:05] <robinellis> : for some time is not an issue
[13:01:08] <atruger> : Bye Alll....gotta go to a meeting : (
[13:01:09] <dkuropatwa> : time will always be an issue for teachers, the reqal question revovles around how teachers choose to use the time they have.
[13:01:09] <chrischampion> : My colleagues are all for efficiency - embraced computer gradebooks. But they think I'm nuts when they hear about podcasts
[13:01:11] <sroustan> : @djakes teachers think tech is hard to learn and takes a lot of time
[13:01:16] <sharonp> : I agree djakes, takes leadership with vision to see this
[13:01:20] <JenniferWagner> : theydon't see "integration" and I know you hate that word -- but they see separation
[13:01:22] <cchausis> : then they realize time invested now = big payback later
[13:01:37] <djakes> : i'm not interested in efficiency, i'm interested in using the tech to support student learning in a deep way, and if that takes time, so be it
[13:01:39] <robinellis> : they see what technology can do in their teaching and the students learning and they are willing to spend time making it work
[13:01:39] <nandikerri> : i think al this depends on your PD model
[13:01:43] <scmorgan> : The teachers who "get it" do see the rewards
[13:01:48] <kpruitt> : Awards for AYP! No award for attending PD
[13:01:59] <cchausis> : AYP?
[13:02:04] <nandikerri> : it is hard to ask teachers to be transformative in a system that constantly limits them
[13:02:08] <sharonp> : @darren - I agree, but many of our school systems are implementing curricular reform right now too -
[13:02:19] <nandikerri> : AYP?
[13:02:24] <fsinfo> : chausis Annual yearly progress - you don't have to worry at your HS
[13:02:28] <dkuropatwa> : Good teaching always takes time, I think ,many teachers don't see the possibilities inherent in web based tools.
[13:02:28] <khokanson> : Annual Yearly Progress...meeting goals on State Stand tests
[13:02:37] <kpruitt> : ty
[13:02:40] <scmorgan> : Gary's comments about PD....what do you think?
[13:02:45] <chrischampion> : nandikerri: not just limiting them, but challenging their already limited time
[13:02:47] <shoemap> : Adequate Yearly Progress - part of No Child Left Behind Law
[13:02:52] <nandikerri> : hmmm....I'm in a different arena with Indy schools
[13:02:57] <sharonp> : @darren - agree.... they need to see good models of pedagogy and student learning
[13:03:11] <djakes> : @nandikerri-I agree-to a point, but some of the lack of application of tech falls of the shoulders of teachers. There, I said it. (comment by djakes)
[13:03:14] <khokanson> : but you are right if PD ws built into learning goals and student achievement,aka SLA
[13:03:17] <dkuropatwa> : @sharon, yes, they are implimenting reforms, and while I may be wrong about this, I think they are making these "new" implementations without exploring the possibilities in the read/write web.
[13:03:22] <dhammond> : teacher=lead learner
[13:03:22] <nandikerri> : isn't this where building leadrship can be more inportant that district?
[13:03:23] <khokanson> : wouldn't be much argument
[13:03:26] <chrischampion> : right, KH
[13:03:38] <fsinfo> : this will be saved right?
[13:03:38] <chrischampion> : but SLA redefines the model from teh ground up
[13:03:42] <dkuropatwa> : Nodding @dhammond
[13:03:42] <scmorgan> : I can't wait to visit SLA!
[13:03:45] <fsinfo> : I have to go and want to listen later
[13:03:55] <shoemap> : One to One is the way to go.
[13:03:55] <fsinfo> : wish the chat was saved too
[13:03:58] <sharonp> : I see this in QC, we have a new curricula that BEGS for web 2.0 tools and environments - teachers just haven't made the connection yet
[13:03:58] <khokanson> : @fsinfo the recording, but not the chat :(
[13:04:12] <fsinfo> : can someone copy and paste it and save it
[13:04:14] <khokanson> : unless @djakes is gonna copy to a wiki somewhere
[13:04:20] <djakes> : dkuropatwa is now huge in Rochester, people loved your stuff, Darren
[13:04:21] <nandikerri> : you need the 'right people' on the right seats on your bus, so to speak- this takes us inot a whol new confab about faculty PD in general & who is in the classroom
[13:04:24] <JenniferWagner> : until they see no separation of "Tech" and education -- we will continually fight the battle of no time. At least, I am seeing that at my location. Once they see them merging -- I see progress
[13:04:28] <sharonp> : can the chat be saved? missingl lots
[13:04:36] <khokanson> : @nandikerri we use that analogy ALL THE TIME
[13:04:41] <scmorgan> : djakes, I keep thinking about your comment about efficiency. I've had an ah ha moment...thanks
[13:04:41] <djakes> : absolutely, Gary-teachers have to live it first
[13:04:42] <kpruitt> : ah ha...playtime
[13:04:43] <khokanson> : stuff
[13:04:43] <sharonp> : I agree Jen,
[13:04:43] <fsinfo> : please someome sve it
[13:04:44] <dkuropatwa> : I see so many possibilities in the thinkgs my own kids are bringing home from school each day. Their teachres just aren't aware of the possibilities ... and I'm afraid ... thay are fearful of learning.
[13:04:47] <fsinfo> : bye for now
[13:05:05] <budtheteacher> : that's too true, darren
[13:05:24] <chrischampion> : @nandikerri - right, we need to place people with the authority to make change, though. If you put someone in charge of tech that has no bearing on curriculum, you just give teachers a tech support rep, not a leader
[13:05:31] <nandikerri> : the model of 'teaching' is changing, yes- but those in the game now may not want to play by the new rules
[13:05:32] <dkuropatwa> : Is this a recording or is it live? If live, Will, how are you in the chat without moving your hands? Magic? ;-)
[13:05:38] <jimwenz> : Isn't it a control issue for a lot of teachers
[13:05:47] <sharonp> : live, need to watch the recording again later
[13:05:54] <chrischampion> : @djakes is @djakes today on the keyb
[13:06:04] <dkuropatwa> : HIya Dave!
[13:06:08] <dkuropatwa> : Thanks Chris! ;-)
[13:06:09] <djakes> : willrich is djakes
[13:06:26] <djakes> : hey chris
[13:06:31] <budtheteacher> : will's going for the jugular that I want to go for right now. Don't do stuff with students until you understand what you're doing. At least a little.
[13:06:39] <scmorgan> : Will is right here. Get the teachers to use the tools, learn, develop learning communities
[13:06:47] <dkuropatwa> : nodding @budtheteacher
[13:06:51] <nandikerri> : @chriscahmpion- so the question begs how to you get 'Directors of Acaddemic Technology' in place in the public school system? This is our model- the educator is the director, the curricular needs dictates the tools we buy....
[13:06:59] <sharonp> : great point!!
[13:07:11] <djakes> : QUESTION: those of you who have kids, are you happy with their education? Within the context of technology or otherwise?
[13:07:14] <chrischampion> : Right: Directors of Curriculum = Directors of Technology
[13:07:18] <soffenhauser> : yes, don't worry about using it with your kids until you understand how it works for you - this is what I am facing in my district and trying to tackle
[13:07:19] <jimwenz> : How long will we have to wait for the teachers to get it.
[13:07:24] <dhammond> : the assessment piece will become clearer for us when we (teachers) use the tools for our own learning.
[13:07:34] <sroustan> : no, i'm already supplementing for my son with tech education
[13:07:34] <shoemap> : Teachers in buildings with principals that get/use it have more of a chance
[13:07:41] <sroustan> : did i mention my son is in pre-school?
[13:07:42] <chrischampion> : Supervisor/Evaluator rubric: teacher uses technology to effectively teach a concept
[13:07:42] <sharonp> : My son is in laptop program - not being used to the best potential - at ALL - no web 2
[13:07:45] <JenniferWagner> : I have teachers / parents standing by -- And they are saying NO
[13:07:46] <nandikerri> : @chischapion- yes, but there is a growth curve about thisin each ed community too
[13:07:47] <scmorgan> : true shoemap
[13:07:55] <djakes> : @shoemap. You have a chance if you have leadership
[13:07:58] <sroustan> : actually, he will be in preschool next pre-preschool
[13:08:08] <chrischampion> : very true shoemap
[13:08:10] <mjmontagne> : @soffenhauser...I disagree w/you...let the kids use it! If we wait for everyone to get involved nothing will happen
[13:08:14] <nandikerri> : @jwagner- no to what?
[13:08:25] <chrischampion> : My prin (at a vocational-technical school) is a neophyte
[13:08:31] <dkuropatwa> : No real new pedagogy/tech leadership in my kids school. Wife and I are discussing alternatives.
[13:08:36] <scmorgan> : But Matt, often the teachers won't LET the kids use it if they don't get it.
[13:08:38] <soffenhauser> : principals are behind in my opionion and need to be brought up to speed also
[13:08:38] <kpruitt> : higher education needs to take some responsibility
[13:08:55] <JenniferWagner> : They are not happy with their child's education
[13:08:58] <shoemap> : @kpruitt i agree
[13:09:00] <scmorgan> : kpruitt--find gardner campbell on twitter..and his blog...good stuff
[13:09:00] <nandikerri> : if we waited for the adults to get it when the VCR was introduced for home use where would we be now?
[13:09:02] <JenniferWagner> : AND THEY TEACH AT MY SCHOOL
[13:09:10] <JenniferWagner> : these are teachers at my school answering DJ
[13:09:16] <nandikerri> : how do we remove the fear?
[13:09:18] <soffenhauser> : yes let kids use it but - absolutely - but we have a 1:1 in which the teacherd are not even sure how to use it.
[13:09:26] <JenniferWagner> : people standing around watching this
[13:09:38] <mjmontagne> : @soffen...I follow what you're sayin'
[13:09:41] <dkuropatwa> : programming in the curriculum is not for everyone.
[13:09:42] <mjmontagne> : great conversation here
[13:09:48] <budtheteacher> : that's a bad question.
[13:09:49] <djakes> : easy to use does not mean lack of rigor
[13:09:49] <sharonp> : so where is the effective teacher training to get the teachers to use 1:1 more effectively??
[13:09:57] <scmorgan> : right djakes
[13:10:08] <khokanson> : very hard to work with students AND tweet if this chat gets copied somewhere :)
[13:10:08] <budtheteacher> : you need to be able to do things easily - and to understand how and why they're easy to do.
[13:10:13] <nandikerri> : lusanne laptop institute
[13:10:17] <scmorgan> : back to the academic dean/coordinator sharonp
[13:10:21] <djakes> : @sharonp. Why use the word training? I'm serious. Training is Pavlovian...
[13:10:29] <soffenhauser> : what is happening in teacher prep programs? Are universities current?
[13:10:31] <sroustan> : lol @djakes
[13:10:33] <sharonp> : sorry.... professional dev
[13:10:40] <djakes> : It's behaviorist, i do this, then you do that
[13:10:40] <cchausis> : change "training" to "learning"
[13:10:42] <budtheteacher> : "current" is relative
[13:10:43] <sroustan> : Is conditioning better?
[13:10:58] <dkuropatwa> : Right onh Will!
[13:10:59] <mjmontagne> : @cchausis-I'm going to use that one...
[13:11:03] <chrischampion> : soffenhauser: I dont' think the gap is for new teachers as much as "seasoned" ones
[13:11:08] <djakes> : Darren, Will is David Jakes
[13:11:18] <scmorgan> : it is at our school, chrischampion
[13:11:20] <djakes> : I'm logged in as him
[13:11:20] <kpruitt> : Teachers job to help develop's job to make collabortion/reflection easy
[13:11:22] <nandikerri> : it is not generational but a lifestyle choice
[13:11:22] <dkuropatwa> : I meant the guy talking in the video. ;-)
[13:11:28] <budtheteacher> : @chrischampion: Age isn't the determining factor here.
[13:11:40] <shoemap> : @bud I agree
[13:11:41] <kmurray352> : We are dealing with people who don't want to be empowered.
[13:11:46] <jimwenz> : Will is making a great point. It is what Marco Torres talks about when he says does it have wings
[13:11:49] <scmorgan> : the new teachers facebook but don't necessarily know what to do in the clssroom with the kids
[13:12:01] <nandikerri> : teachers guide the development of understanding/knowledge/wisdom...keyword-GUIDE
[13:12:07] <djakes> : Using the work training diminishes the idea that learning should take place on a daily basis for educators
[13:12:13] <chrischampion> : @bud - we have a new teacher here who is a native... she doesn't understand why everyone else doesn't get it
[13:12:15] <kpruitt> : entertainment vs education
[13:12:16] <mrmosesdotorg> : it's not about "old" or "new" teachers. It's about teaching style and philosophy.
[13:12:17] <dkuropatwa> : New teachers facebook for themselves don't see the possibilities it has for education.
[13:12:20] <sharonp> : publishing without have to know computer code is HUGE - as well as having access to a place where it can go
[13:12:29] <nandikerri> : educator=life long learner, yes?
[13:12:45] <budtheteacher> : @chrischampion: You're got a teacher who is techno-friendly. Let's skip the native stuff.
[13:12:47] <sroustan> : @chrischampion. i feel the same way a lot of the time - it takes effort to try to understand those who don't get it
[13:12:50] <dkuropatwa> : Imagine a network that consist s of your students and other classes from round the world lead by facebook savy educators.
[13:12:52] <nandikerri> : education +entertainment=edutainment
[13:12:54] <JenniferWagner> : is this the first Richardson/Stager match up??
[13:13:00] <djakes> : teacher as connector
[13:13:01] <budtheteacher> : oopos - "you've"
[13:13:05] <djakes> : teacher as catalyst
[13:13:09] <scmorgan> : re Gary...but don't we need to "cheerlead" a little?
[13:13:09] <chrischampion> : RIGHT.. not just what's next, but what standards or goals did they accomplish? Blog to blog is not learning.
[13:13:11] <dkuropatwa> : I'm thinking of something like Clarence Fisher and Barbara Bereda's Thin Walled Classroom.
[13:13:11] <budtheteacher> : oops - "oops"
[13:13:19] <cchausis> : @dkuropatwa -- sounds like a NING waiting to happen
[13:13:19] <djakes> : teacher as champion for kids
[13:13:24] <sharonp> : @djakes... seems my gaffe brought out your best
[13:13:34] <djakes> : COMPLETE THIS...Teacher as
[13:13:34] <shoemap> : Not another Ning!
[13:13:36] <nandikerri> : digital natives- this is not generational either, think of it like being mechanically minded? Vulcan spirit?
[13:13:53] <cchausis> : facilitator of learning
[13:13:58] <nandikerri> : Teacher as coach
[13:14:00] <JenniferWagner> : Teacher as good example
[13:14:04] <kpruitt> : Teacher as sled-dog :)
[13:14:08] <nandikerri> : Teacher as guide (on the side)
[13:14:09] <sroustan> : random: when do you teach US history? 8th? 9th? 10th?
[13:14:21] <djakes> : sled-dog. LOL
[13:14:26] <dkuropatwa> : Gary is COMPLETELY off base when he suggests displaying student work for public review has questionable value.
[13:14:31] <scmorgan> : 11th
[13:14:35] <nandikerri> : earlier mention of someone to follow on twitter- gardner? repost?
[13:14:40] <sroustan> : @scmorgan where are you?
[13:14:45] <JenniferWagner> : how about the teacher as the sled-- and get the students to be the "dogs"
[13:14:53] <nandikerri> : @dkuropatwa- comletely agree
[13:14:58] <scmorgan> : Gardner Campbell hold on I'll get his blog
[13:15:03] <djakes> : @darren. He is suggesting that teachers need to go deeper, not just a superficial product for display
[13:15:11] <nandikerri> : ty!
[13:15:11] <dkuropatwa> : Gary keeps comparing the current educational context to his own education.
[13:15:12] <mrmosesdotorg> : displaying student work is of questionable value if the assessment itself is of questionable value
[13:15:12] <budtheteacher> : @dkuropatwa: But he's right - sometimes it's not about the work - it's about the publicity.
[13:15:13] <kpruitt> : What about the thinking process invloved in preparing material for an outside audience??
[13:15:13] <chrischampion> : Displaying work makes the work authentic. Watch the student shake when the assignment becomes a public display... they WANT to do it right and better when it is on display.
[13:15:25] <dkuropatwa> : In philosophy we call that a wiggish comparisson.
[13:15:31] <cchausis> : authentic audience raises quality
[13:15:34] <shoemap> : Feedback is key
[13:15:34] <dkuropatwa> : Out of place because it's out of time.
[13:15:37] <khokanson> : it sure does
[13:15:41] <dhammond> : The kids who want to be computer programmers find the courses they need. We don't all need to program!
[13:15:45] <sharonp> : agreed, audience raises the bar
[13:15:46] <scmorgan> : Listen to his "digital imagination" or "Deschool"
[13:15:59] <nandikerri> : ty!
[13:16:13] <mrmosesdotorg> : the audience may raise the bar, but it may be raising the level of something that is without value
[13:16:22] <nandikerri> : two different discussions- integration and computer science/programming
[13:16:25] <djakes> : right, but the product displayed should be created as a result of a rigourus process that enables them to display deep understanding, not just Animoto
[13:16:26] <kpruitt> : The rules are aginst using it..
[13:16:32] <scottswanson> : teaching algorithmic thinking, though, is critical for 21st century skills
[13:16:43] <chrischampion> : I teach programming - it is no different to this discussion as English instruction (which I'm also certified to teach)
[13:16:44] <JenniferWagner> : but animoto might be the first step to something bigger
[13:16:49] <shoemap> : This should be good
[13:16:56] <budtheteacher> : h
[13:17:00] <djakes> : OK, but we need to make sure that happens and just leave it at that
[13:17:00] <scmorgan> : Yup
[13:17:01] <kpruitt> : agreed JL
[13:17:03] <khokanson> : david your are SO needs to be a part of the authentic learning process not an add on
[13:17:04] <chrischampion> : LOL shoe
[13:17:19] <scmorgan> : Go Will
[13:17:22] <sharonp> : it is all in the design of the activity or learning situation
[13:17:54] <budtheteacher> : we teach programming in language arts all the time - programming= manipulation of basic information in order to communicate or create
[13:17:58] <soffenhauser> : JenniferWagner - teacher as example - yes - teachers need to model the use
[13:17:59] <chrischampion> : Twitter is "read/write web" 140 characters at a time
[13:18:09] <dkuropatwa> : I think Gary is suffering from "functional fixity." The great thing about effective read/write web intergration in pedagogy is the ability to see a tool out of it's intended context and redefine the way it can be used. That's the wow factor in all this. See old things in new light.
[13:18:15] <scmorgan> : teacher as example--like that one
[13:18:20] <mjmontagne> : email should be limited to 140 characthers...!!!
[13:18:28] <scottswanson> : but do we teach with with proper use of logical decomposition? That's important, too; to see the CS-y stuff in language arts and embrace it
[13:18:30] <sharonp> : like that - "functional fixity"
[13:18:38] <mrmosesdotorg> : email should be abolished
[13:18:39] <khokanson> : gah I hate to have to leave this convo...but I have to go to my son's 2nd grade conference
[13:18:40] <budtheteacher> : @dkuropatwa: i agree w/ you
[13:18:45] <khokanson> : should be blog worthy :P
[13:18:59] <dkuropatwa> : Cheers Kelly!
[13:19:25] <sharonp> : and aren't we supposed to be teaching our students to move out funcitional fixity - isn't that an example of critical thinking and creativity?
[13:19:28] <budtheteacher> : but I think we should all have a gary stager in the back of our heads when we're working with some of these tools. Just 'cause we can doesn't mean that we should.
[13:19:37] <dkuropatwa> : nodding @sharronp
[13:19:40] <chrischampion> : true @bud
[13:19:44] <budtheteacher> : (can meaning "do something")
[13:19:48] <dkuropatwa> : and @bud ;-)
[13:19:51] <jimwenz> : How many people thought Twitter was a complete waste of time at first glance?
[13:19:58] <dkuropatwa> : I did.
[13:19:59] <shoemap> : I did for sure!
[13:20:00] <budtheteacher> : @jimwenz: Everyone that uses it.
[13:20:05] <nandikerri> : <--me, too
[13:20:09] <scottswanson> : @jim most everyone i've talked to. yet, half of us find great utility
[13:20:09] <jimwenz> : Me too!
[13:20:10] <chrischampion> : @jimwenz me too
[13:20:10] <marsenault> : I did.
[13:20:12] <scmorgan> : @bud That's why these conversations are so good
[13:20:15] <marsenault> : It got me here.
[13:20:16] <mrmosesdotorg> : I did too. I live by twitter now.
[13:20:17] <djakes> : Gary is all about fundamental literacies, using them to develop understanding on a deep level
[13:20:20] <dhammond> : Twitter - I thought it was like stalking. Can't live without it now!
[13:20:22] <sharonp> : yes, it is cocking our heads to one side when we see a new tool or environment and asking how we can use it not WHEN can we use it
[13:20:27] <khokanson> : great conversation all will look forward to a transcript
[13:20:33] <dkuropatwa> : I dislike all the "2.0" suffixes added to anything educational.
[13:20:34] <chrischampion> : @marsenault I came here as a result of a twitter post too
[13:20:34] <JenniferWagner> : xplaining to watching teacher WHY we do this.......anyone want to share with her why
[13:20:35] <nandikerri> : twitterbin is up now in my my window- great tool for work
[13:20:39] <scottswanson> : @djakes: yes, agreed, which is why I DONT think he's vicitm to functional fixity
[13:20:41] <djakes> : Gary says we dont need digital storytelling because we've always had film-making
[13:20:47] <chrischampion> : (thanks @djakes)
[13:20:52] <djakes> : what is fixity?
[13:20:52] <budtheteacher> : I do, too, Darren - but I use them to market stuff.
[13:20:59] <JenniferWagner> : LOL, I will refrain from commenting on GS comments
[13:21:01] <nandikerri> : why we do what? twitter? ed tech?
[13:21:02] <kpruitt> : Hate twitter like I hat my cell phone....need both close by all the time :)
[13:21:10] <nandikerri> : to change the world, of course, :)
[13:21:21] <sroustan> : world domination!
[13:21:21] <dkuropatwa> : @Jen read the chat. ;-) We're here from all over the worlkd getting high quality, just in time, PD. There are other reasons, but that's a good start.
[13:21:22] <chrischampion> : @kpruitt plus I twitter from my cell
[13:21:24] <nandikerri> : filmmaking is one mass form of video storytelling
[13:21:34] <scmorgan> : I do get frustrated when I've missed a day of Tweets...want to a catch up but want to keep going
[13:21:38] <nandikerri> : before that we (gasp) theater!
[13:21:39] <JenniferWagner> : Hi Darren -- grins I KNOW -- she is just questioning me
[13:21:41] <kpruitt> : Gary's expressions are like a sweaty Nixion
[13:21:50] <sharonp> : to engage in stimulating disciussion.... so I can have djakes straighten out my thinking about the words I use.... like training!
[13:22:01] <sroustan> : you mean conditioning?
[13:22:03] <nandikerri> : twitter from the cell helped me with car trouble last week-:)
[13:22:03] <marsenault> : @kpruitt LMAO
[13:22:04] <chrischampion> : nandikerri: video can be powerful. Chemistry concept? don't just take a test, make an instructional video. You won't get it 85% right
[13:22:13] <dhammond> : charletons??? you mean people with opinions? who's real or not?
[13:22:15] <dkuropatwa> : smial @Jen I know your sharing other's qwuestions. ;-)
[13:22:19] <JenniferWagner> : LOL, Sharon, don't let DJ change you too much!!!
[13:22:21] <budtheteacher> : s
[13:22:22] <djakes> : what do you think of Gary's perspective of blogging
[13:22:46] <dkuropatwa> : Doesn't Gary have a blog where comments are disallowed?
[13:22:52] <JenniferWagner> : what is GS perspective of blogging??
[13:22:55] <dkuropatwa> : Isn't that kind of like a car without wheels?
[13:22:59] <marsenault> : Isn't blogging about conversations?
[13:23:06] <scottswanson> : Not originally, no, mar
[13:23:06] <atruger> : I am back now
[13:23:08] <chrischampion> : OK... so isn't this just talking about action?
[13:23:08] <kpruitt> : About half of my RSS feeds have gone inactive...the cream will rise
[13:23:15] <scmorgan> : He seems to be on a one-way road
[13:23:29] <budtheteacher> : I don't think Gary's wrong about blogging. Does'nt make it unvaluable - but there is a lot of junk to wade through.
[13:23:32] <nandikerri> : blogging is writing for an audience & inviting discussion- no comments means it is just a man-iphesto
[13:23:35] <ryanbretag> : @djakes is this video being saved? Having issues with it on my end
[13:23:37] <chrischampion> : Q to the group? How do we turn THIS conversation into action?
[13:23:52] <budtheteacher> : I don't think you need commenting to have a blog.
[13:23:53] <shoemap> : I think I need to check out his blog!
[13:24:02] <marsenault> : There's a lot of junk everywhere. Didn't they make the movie Throw Mamma From the Train???
[13:24:05] <scmorgan> : Yes, lots of junk...but more good than bad and easy to unsubscribe:)
[13:24:17] <budtheteacher> : I used to think differently - but I do think you need conversation. Comments don't always mean conversation.
[13:24:20] <dkuropatwa> : @Budtheteacher That's true, but there's lots of "bad" content on tv, radio and in newspapers. You choose the ones that have best value by reading what they write over time.
[13:24:27] <sharonp> : how can Gary say what actions I do or do not do because of my blog??
[13:24:34] <djakes> : @ryanbretag. Yes, it's being recorded
[13:24:42] <budtheteacher> : @dkuropatwa: Yes. But I wish that, with a new medium, came a new way of working.
[13:24:44] <scottswanson> : I think the point is, better we use tools that facilitate higher order thinking and better content by their very nature
[13:24:45] <mjmontagne> : @chrischampion--I'm trying to start small...develop pockets of use in students, teachers, and administrators...plant the seed, you know/?
[13:24:46] <sharonp> : how does he know whether or not I am taking action?
[13:24:52] <budtheteacher> : That doesn't always happen.
[13:25:00] <ryanbretag> : @djakes ty
[13:25:11] <budtheteacher> : i've got to run -when's the de-brief?
[13:25:14] <djakes> : glenbrook technology letting you down?
[13:25:14] <scmorgan> : I hope people don't think blogs are too much trouble. I need the reflection not found on Twitter
[13:25:21] <JenniferWagner> : sharon -- will said in an earlier class today that there are not a lot of female bloggers -- :)
[13:25:28] <chrischampion> : @mjmontagne - I try to pass on what I learn to fellow teachers when the info seems pertinent to them
[13:25:36] <djakes> : djakes is actually david jakes, for those of you adding in later
[13:25:36] <dkuropatwa> : @Bud Well, I think my blog is just one piece of my online learning network. It should be examined in the larger context in which it occurs.
[13:25:39] <mjmontagne> : @chrischamp-I think the seed will grow fast though...unlike other changes in past
[13:25:40] <shoemap> : WOW sleddogs!
[13:25:46] <dkuropatwa> : Cheers Bud!
[13:25:49] <JenniferWagner> : hmmmm
[13:25:53] <sharonp> : @Jen, I think there is a larger gender issue here as well
[13:26:00] <djakes> : Do you think the blogosphere is an ecochamber?
[13:26:08] <budtheteacher> : @dkuropatwa: Yes. Exactly. But that's not always happening.
[13:26:12] <dkuropatwa> : @djakes It can be.
[13:26:15] <ryanbretag> : @djakes ;-)
[13:26:20] <sroustan> : @djakes no it is a choir loft
[13:26:22] <kpruitt> : every one...Yep
[13:26:25] <sroustan> : the choir loft to which we preach
[13:26:28] <sharonp> : for some a community, for others, an echo chamber
[13:26:31] <cchausis> : @djakes... btw -- you are doing a great job of managing the backchannel!
[13:26:32] <budtheteacher> : @djakes: It doesn't have to be - but it often is.
[13:26:34] <scmorgan> : djakes-sometimes...everyone picks up on the "new" topic and posts
[13:26:46] <djakes> : Darren, djakes is djakes
[13:26:47] <budtheteacher> : Take care, y'all - dragging myself away - what a great group in a great conversation.
[13:26:58] <JenniferWagner> : bye bud
[13:26:58] <kpruitt> : We all have slightly different audiences, yes?
[13:26:59] <sharonp> : thanks for coming along, Bud - nice to see you again
[13:27:01] <djakes> : bud: is beinig recorded
[13:27:03] <dkuropatwa> : See ya Bud! Great, as always, chatiing with you. ;-)
[13:27:09] <sroustan> : cya bud
[13:27:14] <djakes> : now they are going
[13:27:15] <dhammond> : Gosh, hate to leave this...have had one foot out the door for half an hour...take notes folks :-)
[13:27:27] <dkuropatwa> : Cheers Diane!
[13:27:30] <ryanbretag> : Right on Will!
[13:27:52] <JenniferWagner> : is it concluding??
[13:27:58] <ryanbretag> : Death of the Author
[13:28:06] <sharonp> : yikes, has it almost been an hour already!!??
[13:28:14] <scmorgan> : Will shifts in his seat:)
[13:28:14] <atruger> : LOL
[13:28:14] <mjmontagne> : battle to the death!!!
[13:28:15] <chrischampion> : they don't read each other?
[13:28:17] <chrischampion> : LOL
[13:28:17] <sharonp> : cya Diane
[13:28:20] <djakes> : uh oh
[13:28:26] <JenniferWagner> : ach wants to have the last word
[13:28:36] <JenniferWagner> : go will
[13:28:43] <scottswanson> : Will is doing a good face-save, though.
[13:28:52] <kpruitt> : They should both respond to a Warlick post :)
[13:28:59] <djakes> : LOL
[13:29:03] <JenniferWagner> : what does the audience vibe feel like??
[13:29:04] <mjmontagne> : would love to have will come talk to our school...parents and teachers!!!
[13:29:04] <atruger> : rofl
[13:29:27] <JenniferWagner> : are tehy going to open up for questions
[13:29:30] <nandikerri> : thanks for the collegiality all- gotta run, :)
[13:29:34] <sharonp> : I don't mind arguments, disagreements, just please could we do it with grace and dignity?
[13:29:47] <dkuropatwa> : You can't subscribe to everyone. I choose my subscriptions so that they act as filters for me and point me to importnat posts when they come up. Otherwise I'm always clicking [mark all as read]
[13:29:59] <scottswanson> : Odd statement coming from Gary, in a way.
[13:30:24] <scmorgan> : Good questions, though
[13:30:41] <chrischampion> : Like "Wikiality"?
[13:30:49] <djakes> : we need to move past gee whiz
[13:31:16] <dkuropatwa> : Gary has a confused argument here. To me he is saying contradicoty things.
[13:31:24] <scottswanson> : Now, this is a great point he's making.
[13:31:33] <mjmontagne> : why are kids pushing wooden instrucments around desks!! great
[13:31:41] <sroustan> : dang. got booted out
[13:31:53] <chrischampion> : Always a pleasure to listen/watch
[13:31:54] <sroustan> : and i'm logged in and it says that i'm not
[13:31:54] <scottswanson> : *clap* Thanks, David, for facilitating this side
[13:31:55] <mjmontagne> : that was awesmome
[13:31:56] <JenniferWagner> : Thank you for ustreaming this WIkk45
[13:31:57] <dkuropatwa> : Good dialogue here and over there <----
[13:31:59] <sharonp> : applause
[13:32:02] <mjmontagne> : great blog topic for all of us!
[13:32:03] <sroustan> : thanks@djakes
[13:32:05] <dkuropatwa> : Thanks Dave!
[13:32:06] <atruger> : CLap clap
[13:32:07] <marsenault> : Thanks Dave
[13:32:08] <ryanbretag> : Thanks Mr. Jakes
[13:32:10] <chrischampion> : thanks David
[13:32:14] <jimwenz> : Thanks David
[13:32:15] <kpruitt> : ty
[13:32:16] <JenniferWagner> : thanks DJ
[13:32:19] <sharonp> : not sure what was more enjoyable - the debate or the chat here!
[13:32:20] <dkuropatwa> : So long all.
[13:32:25] <sharonp> : thanks Dave
[13:32:27] <JenniferWagner> : was there a debate??
[13:32:28] <JenniferWagner> : LOL
[13:32:32] <robinellis> : thanks djakes
[13:32:32] <sroustan> : debate?
[13:32:33] <scottswanson> : That was a debate? I thought it was 1 hour friendly jibefest
[13:32:35] <sroustan> : bye ya'll
[13:32:37] <mrmosesdotorg> : great job, jakes
[13:32:45] <chrischampion> : Safe drive, Will
[13:33:01] <ggrinnell> : Thanks, David. This was my first Ustream experience.
[13:33:01] <djakes> : there you go everyone, a BIG thank you, chat will be up later, check wills account to see archive
[13:33:11] <kpruitt> : I need more lights at my presentations
[13:33:15] <kpruitt> : bye all
[13:33:20] <sharonp> : would you mind twittering the url, Dave? Thanks!
[13:33:21] <marsenault> : bye all
[13:33:22] <srvilly> : @sharon you said it SharonP, It was hard listening to them talk while reading all the great discussion. Thanks to all!
[13:33:22] <scottswanson> : Keynotes, they get you the big lights.
[13:33:34] <scottswanson> : Take care all -- wonderful backchannel
[13:33:50] <chrischampion> : @scottswanson and all... very true. Nice backchannel