09:36 BarbNebraska : Sound?
09:39 khokanson-1 : still no sound :(
09:39 csessums : all's quiet on the western front
09:40 teacherman79 : hey
09:40 teacherman79 : I am in two places at once
09:40 csessums : K is quite the dancer
09:41 teacherman79 : no sound here or there
09:41 csessums : Hi Will!
09:41 csessums : sound!
09:41 teacherman79 : sound
09:42 willrich45 : sorry
09:42 teacherman79 : sweet
09:42 willrich45 : ok now?
09:42 teacherman79 : cool
09:42 csessums : thumbs up!
09:42 njtechteacher : Good morning. Sound is great thanks.
09:42 BarbNebraska : Thanks!
09:42 teacherman79 : thank you
09:43 Rodd_Lucier : Clear sound, front row view... Thanks Will.
09:44 alanlutz : Good morning. Thanks Will. joining from OC, CA
09:44 teacherman79 : I am watching in two places
09:45 Rodd_Lucier : First time attending PD from cottage country in Sault Ste. Marie, ON
09:46 teacherman79 : great falls, montana here
09:46 cogdog : top of the morning from Strawberry, Arizona thx Will
09:47 jokay : hi to everyone from the Islands of jokaydia in Second Life!
09:47 teacherman79 : hey Jokay
09:47 jokay : We have a small group gathered here in bar jokaydia listening in on our fabulous neighbour Konrad ;)
09:47 nnoakes : hey cogdog!
09:47 cogdog : hiya Nick, Jokay
09:48 mrsdurff-1 : ty will
09:48 mrsdurff-1 : hi jokay
09:50 Jackson224 : connecting from Boston, thanks for streaming
09:51 mrsdurff-1 : coffee!
09:51 annabel : Hello everyone ... Annabel form Jokaydia in SL
09:51 BarbNebraska : May I ask the title of this seminar?
09:51 Jose_327 : hello
09:51 mrsdurff-1 : hi boston, i'm in maryland
09:52 mrsdurff-1 : Blogging Communities
09:52 mrsdurff-1 : by Kenrad
09:52 mrsdurff-1 : Konrad
09:52 BarbNebraska : @mrsdurff, is this for High School students?
09:52 jennylu : Watching from Melbourne,australia- trying to keep my eyes open -nearly midnight.
09:52 mrsdurff-1 : and don't ask to spell his last name
09:52 mrsdurff-1 : hi jenny
09:52 BarbNebraska : @mrsdurff, LOL, that's ok!
09:53 jennylu : Hi Mrs Durff!
09:53 Jose_327 : 0952 here
09:53 mrsdurff-1 : Konrad teaches ms i think
09:53 Jose_327 : Morning
09:53 mrsdurff-1 : morning
09:54 Rodd_Lucier : He is a teacher in Toronto who has been investigating his students' use of blogging and other tools...
09:54 teacherman79 : Hi jennylu
09:54 BarbNebraska : @Rodd, thanks!
09:54 jennylu : Hi Jeff
09:54 teacherman79 : How are you ...
09:54 Jose_327 : hi jenny whats up down under?
09:54 teacherman79 : Tech is cool...
09:54 jennylu : Tired!!
09:55 Jose_327 : i here ya
09:55 jennylu : It'd cold - a miserable day here
09:55 BarbNebraska : Is he the teacher that did the Veteran interview project?
09:55 mrsdurff-1 : Konrad said at educon "No one wants to listen to me." The room was packed. Is it the same there?
09:55 Jose_327 : Tuesday morning there already
09:55 Rodd_Lucier : Community leads to deeper more meaningful relationships...
09:55 mrsdurff-1 : no Batb
09:55 mrsdurff-1 : barb
09:55 BarbNebraska : @mrsdurff, thanks
09:55 dlaufenberg : streaming from Ecuador... can't believe it's actually streaming...
09:55 mrsdurff-1 : that was Wes Fryer
09:56 jennylu : @jose_327 Tuesday nearly here -2 mins
09:56 mrsdurff-1 : cathedrels of learning
09:56 jmoose311 : yeah, this is a good stream
09:56 BarbNebraska : Yes, thank you, a great stream!
09:56 csessums : hmmm... is that ethical to teach kids to steal?
09:56 mrsdurff-1 : shhh
09:57 Jose_327 : i'd like to travel to Austraila some day
09:57 jmoose311 : copyright laws are entering a gray area now
09:57 csessums : seriously?
09:57 jmoose311 : seems that way
09:57 mrsdurff-1 : finally
09:57 jennylu : it's a great place to live
09:57 jmoose311 : depends on the country you're from, too
09:58 jmoose311 : the majority of kids, for instance, don't see anything wrong with downloading and sharing music
09:58 jmoose311 : generally the same with software and movies
09:58 csessums : ethical behavior transcends political boundaries in many respects, no?
09:58 csessums : but it's not legal
09:58 jennylu : I think we need to qualify with our students why we are breaking copyright laws!! Usually in our cases because it facilitates great learning opportunities
09:58 jmoose311 : it also doesn't help that the American organizations RIAA and MPAA have acted unethical themselves in trying to enforce the law
09:58 Jose_327 : i copy everything
09:58 Jackson224-1 : I missed the beginning of this session. Is the presenter using a web page or a ppt
09:58 Jose_327 : i don't care what RIAA sez
09:59 jsommermeyer : looks like ppt
09:59 teacherman79 : hehe...
09:59 teacherman79 : He is using second life and ustream
09:59 csessums : stealing as a teachable moment?
09:59 csessums : what about proper citation?
10:00 jennylu : I want my teaching to be meaningful - not irrelevant
10:00 BarbNebraska : My principal, a former English teacher, would want to know how is the grammar on their webpages!
10:00 Jose_327 : RIAA will destroy itself soon, now they are saying even radio stations playing tunes is illegal
10:00 jennylu : Yes teach about proper citation - use it as teaching moments
10:00 teacherman79 : easy to cite in a blog
10:01 teacherman79 : very easy...hyper link it
10:01 csessums : mash-up vs stealing, right?
10:01 mrsdurff-1 : overattention to grammar etc stifles passionate writing
10:01 mrsdurff-1 : "school writing" is not passionate
10:01 BarbNebraska : @mrsdurff, many parents can't get past that!
10:02 mrsdurff-1 : tough
10:02 teacherman79 : this is the digital age...
10:02 mrsdurff-1 : they need to
10:02 teacherman79 : remix and use your resources
10:02 jmoose311 : I agree with that remark. It doesn't make sense that students are writing assignments only the teacher will read.
10:02 mrsdurff-1 : exactly
10:02 jmoose311 : Any teacher who gives writing assignments should set up blogs for their students
10:02 mrsdurff-1 : i have had kids rework blog posts to better the communication
10:03 teacherman79 : Kids don't care about copyright....
10:03 jennylu : when kids know theur work has a wider audience they pay attention to the writing- they don't wnat to look dumb
10:03 willrich45-1 : How is the stream out there?
10:03 jmoose311 : then students can share those assignments with others, get feedback, etc.
10:03 mrsdurff-1 : parents should understand that
10:03 cogdog : stream is lovely
10:03 mrsdurff-1 : stream is good
10:03 teacherman79 : stream is great here
10:03 Jose_327 : and now for some more marvelous philosophies
10:03 jsommermeyer : so his basic premise is to have students blog about things they are passionate about
10:03 willrich45-1 : cool
10:03 jennylu : OK -buffering a bit annoying
10:03 teacherman79 : slides are good in second life...
10:03 jsommermeyer : will stream is perfect in Oklahoma City
10:03 mrsdurff-1 : jenny - change the buffer to
10:03 jmoose311 : that's one premise
10:03 willrich45-1 : @js Yes...have to give them freedom
10:04 teacherman79 : Blogs are about sharing...
10:04 mrsdurff-1 : jenny click on menu
10:04 willrich45-1 : Audience nodding about the waste basket remark
10:04 teacherman79 : Is sharing illegal
10:04 mrsdurff-1 : slide the slider to
10:04 jsommermeyer : so each student in his class has a blog?
10:04 justinreeve : that's how it should be, yes
10:04 willrich45-1 : Yes
10:04 teacherman79 : yes each student
10:04 jsommermeyer : I missed the beginning...
10:04 mrsdurff-1 : depends on who you ask jsommermeyer
10:04 Jose_327 : the dew kisses the morning grass
10:04 jennylu : slide it to what??
10:04 Jose_327 : CLASS
10:04 jsommermeyer : cool... those public or private?
10:04 justinreeve : I can see some classes where blogs wouldn't be necessary, but teachers shouldn't be afraid to give students PUBLIC blogs
10:04 Jose_327 : WAKE UPPPPPP
10:04 Jose_327 : LOL
10:05 justinreeve : then teach them how to use them properly and responsibly
10:05 csessums : @jose_327 sister mary?
10:05 Jose_327 : ah well no one likes my jokes
10:05 mrsdurff-1 : online safety and ethics
10:05 Jose_327 : yeah
10:05 jennylu : @justinreeve- my feelings exactly -school community more hesitant
10:05 justinreeve : and I think it should just be standard, when teachers are writing their disclosure statements for parents to sign, to include statements on web usage and that their students will be posting writing to the web, etc.
10:05 Jose_327 : ZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzz
10:05 mrsdurff-1 : Sr.Mary?
10:06 justinreeve : I think the main problem is that teachers just don't understand the benefit. Once they see the benefit, they're generally happy to jump on board.
10:06 justinreeve : Parents are the ones you need to convince too, though
10:06 Jose_327 : vodka in that cup
10:07 csessums : teacher quality seems to be a major underlying issue here
10:07 mrsdurff-1 : that is guts
10:07 Jose_327 : copy and paste
10:07 jennylu : Got a couple of ultra worried parents- freak out at the mention of a public blog
10:07 justinreeve : yeah, exactly
10:07 justinreeve : we have more than a couple
10:08 Jose_327 : did you all hear about Al Gore's new invention?
10:08 jennylu : Have you succeeded with public blogs
10:08 mrsdurff-1 : she needed to communicate to her connections
10:08 svandyk : Have you invited the worried parents to observe or participate in the blogging?
10:08 mrsdurff-1 : sound familiar?
10:08 willrich45-1 : Share your blog with them.
10:08 KarenJanowski : @jennylu - it's all about how it's presented
10:08 jennylu : They see my blog
10:08 Jose_327 : $10 a gallon gas!
10:08 mrsdurff-1 : who will?
10:09 jennylu : School good at promoting my blog -will chip away
10:09 justinreeve : in our district, we've set up employee blogs with WordPress MU, and it's been a HUGE hit. Now I'm trying to encourage teachers to extend this capability to their students. We can't officially support student blogs at this point, since we don't have the resources to monitor them on a district level
10:09 teacherman79 : Jennylu has an awesom blog
10:09 KarenJanowski : parents want to see how their tax dollars are being spent - they use tech., want to see it's use with their students
10:09 mrsdurff-1 : hmmm school=control
10:09 justinreeve : but I'd like to see teachers do it on a classroom-by-classroom basis
10:09 jennylu : @teacherman79 thanks jeff
10:09 KarenJanowski : what's is jennylu's blog link?
10:09 teacherman79 : blogs are free...
10:09 csessums : teacher = no control with blogs?
10:09 jsommermeyer : did he mention what software he is using to support student blogging?
10:09 justinreeve : but just setting up edublogs or something is a good way to go
10:09 justinreeve : not sure, jsommer
10:10 svandyk : lifetype ?
10:10 willrich45-1 : I think he uses 21Classes.com
10:10 csessums : blogs = chance of chaos!
10:10 willrich45-1 : Great tool
10:10 njtechteacher : I didn't hear him say, but I'm pretty sure it's 21 classes
10:10 willrich45-1 : @csessums That's a good thing
10:10 mrsdurff-1 : http://jennylu.wordpress.com/
10:10 jsommermeyer : thx!
10:10 willrich45-1 : ;0)
10:10 dlaufenberg : k... spoke too soon about good streaming from Ecua... need to bow out... bandwidth is WAY slow this morning... enjoy all!
10:10 mrsdurff-1 : chaaos=learning
10:10 csessums : literacy development! hell yeahs!
10:10 KarenJanowski : thanx @durff
10:11 jennylu : Thanks mrs durff was just finding the link you beat me to it
10:11 teacherman79 : welcome jennylu...i use it...all the time...thank you for sharing so much
10:11 teacherman79 : sharing is not illegal...
10:11 mrsdurff-1 : you are googleable
10:11 jennylu : So nice of you to say that!
10:11 csessums : depends on what you share, no?
10:11 jsommermeyer : 21classes looks cool...
10:11 jennylu : Digital footprint -this can turn parents around I think
10:11 teacherman79 : true csessums...that is where citing comes in...
10:11 BarbNebraska : Got to head out, Thanks Will for streaming!!!!!!!!!!
10:12 mrsdurff-1 : no sharing is legal depending on the involved parties
10:12 justinreeve : bye Barb
10:12 mrsdurff-1 : it is not the sharing that is illegal
10:12 mrsdurff-1 : it is the attitudes that take people to court
10:12 jsommermeyer : if I share copywrighted music ona CD... that's illegal...
10:12 csessums : greed, perhaps
10:12 KarenJanowski : are the biggest obstacles parents or teachers?
10:12 csessums : what about artists who need to make a living from their works?
10:12 mrsdurff-1 : because of the attitudes of the group jenny
10:13 willrich45-1 : Jenny, teachers @Karen depends on the place, I think.
10:13 teacherman79 : Karen...good question...
10:13 justinreeve : I think it depends, Karen
10:13 mrsdurff-1 : csessums that is their attitude
10:13 justinreeve : I think it begins with the teachers
10:13 jsommermeyer : parents are concerned about safety when it comes to student blogging
10:13 csessums : hunger is an attitude?
10:13 Jackson224-1 : Will, I was able to find this great stream via your twitter post...is that the best way to find out what is being streamed from the conference?
10:13 jennylu : Teachers who aren't switched on and don't want to be and parents who don't get it yet - but they will...
10:13 KarenJanowski : let's tackle them one at a time - identify where the issue is and start there]
10:13 willrich45-1 : Chris, you need to talk to Gary Stager. ;0)
10:14 mrsdurff-1 : how is hunger illegal?
10:14 csessums : @will I will get you for that!
10:14 justinreeve : I've seen our teachers make blogs that the parents love. Once the parent sees how great blogs can be, and if the teacher can explain to the parents via their blog how useful it could be for students to blog, parents will be onboard.
10:14 teacherman79 : hunger to learn is an attitude...
10:14 csessums : @mrsdurff perhaps I misread you
10:14 annabel : Csessums... I think it's nice to idealise the starving artist
10:14 willrich45-1 : Karen...this is what we get bogged down in, the question of where to start. Can't we just wave the magic wand??? ;0)
10:14 KarenJanowski : talk to @mariaK about how she dealt with her kindergarten parents - they ALL got it!
10:14 annabel : but in most cases - we are talking about corporations who do not care about artists...lol
10:14 csessums : redefine writing in classrooms! I could kiss K!
10:14 mrsdurff-1 : it's difficult to read and watch too chris
10:15 KarenJanowski : @will - that's why I ran for school committe and won - can facilitate the process for both parents and teachers
10:15 jennylu : I'm starting with student blogs that are private- we're working up
10:15 mrsdurff-1 : no boys kissing boys please
10:15 justinreeve : yeah, that's a good place to start
10:15 csessums : redefining ownership!
10:15 justinreeve : at the very least, the students will enjoy their classmates being able to view their writing
10:15 justinreeve : the other advantage you could pitch to teachers is that they can have a paperless classroom
10:15 mrsdurff-1 : i think we need to define ownership of ideas more than words
10:16 KarenJanowski : @justin - that's a good way to reach the parents as well, reduce the carbon footprint, go green, etc
10:16 willrich45-1 : Good on ya Karen!
10:16 drobb78 : edublogs has a tool that allows teachers to approve comments before they appear on students' posts
10:16 jennylu : They do -they love making blogs - adding widgets etc personalising their space at school
10:16 teacherman79 : start slow...jennylu...good idea...I will cite you when I use that idea
10:16 csessums : change "mine" to "ours"
10:16 justinreeve : social networks are often blocked at schools, but blogs usually aren't
10:16 mrsdurff-1 : redine classroom voices
10:16 justinreeve : we need to take advantage of that. Blogs can be our social networks.
10:16 jsommermeyer : does 21classes alow for widget adding?
10:16 willrich45-1 : Can someone remind me to save the chat
10:17 justinreeve : I'm trying it out right now, jsommer
10:17 KarenJanowski : @will - save the chat!!!
10:17 mrsdurff-1 : you're right chris
10:17 justinreeve : are you archiving the preso, will?
10:17 willrich45-1 : yes
10:17 bicyclemark : greetings to Will
10:17 justinreeve : nice. You're awesome.
10:17 KarenJanowski : what is the point of student blogs?
10:17 csessums : channeling our passions!
10:18 willrich45-1 : Hey Mark
10:18 KarenJanowski : to me, it's all about improving writing, writing for an authentic audience
10:18 jennylu : Their own voice - finding a connected world if they were public
10:18 mrsdurff-1 : can passion be channeled in a school environment?
10:18 csessums : @durff good teachers make it so
10:18 justinreeve : I'd say it's about engaging them on a ground that's familiar to them.
10:18 KarenJanowski : @durff - let's at least encourage passion
10:18 langwitches : @Karen The point is for students to have a voice, to learn to express themselves, to become familiar in a new "worldwide" media
10:18 mrsdurff-1 : then you must be a better teacher than i chriss
10:18 teacherman79 : @mrs durff I hope so...
10:19 jsommermeyer : can you channel passion? or is it simply allowed to occur?
10:19 langwitches : To go beyond the "cool" "love the picture" etc.
10:19 jennylu : @langwitches linked to you in a post today
10:19 KarenJanowski : @lang - yes, blogs certainly allow that in new ways
10:19 justinreeve : They already enjoy social media. Encouraging student blogs is one way to bring classwork to students on their own turf.
10:19 csessums : @durff we are all in this together, kid!
10:19 teacherman79 : I think blogs...channel passion no matter who does them...
10:19 mrsdurff-1 : so now we have passion and blogs - what is next?
10:19 langwitches : blogging teaches/shows/allows a process
10:19 langwitches : that's what it does for me
10:19 willrich45-1 : I need a voluteer to save chat transcript....long story...I'm on someone else's computer and don't want to screw it up.
10:20 mrsdurff-1 : who are you calling kid you youngster!
10:20 KarenJanowski : how many of you promoted student passion this year?
10:20 csessums : educate admin and parents about getting blogs in the classroom
10:20 teacherman79 : I can do it...@willrich
10:20 willrich45-1 : Teacher responding personally in blogs is important.
10:20 willrich45-1 : Thanks
10:20 csessums : @karen everytime I enter the classroom
10:20 mrsdurff-1 : i did Karen
10:20 langwitches : Every teacher on our faculty had a classroom blog last year for the first time
10:20 jennylu : It's the ability to connect - to realise that the world is not so big after all- build bridges between like minded people living in different communities -very powerful
10:20 KarenJanowski : we need to hear those stories and how it impacted the kids!
10:21 mrsdurff-1 : kids thought i was nuts (they're right)
10:21 langwitches : The next step is to make it progress to more than a static website now
10:21 metaweb : I am going to introduce blogging into a Mexican secondary school next year ... we'll see how that goes
10:21 cogdog : Who the heck is going to say the *didn't* promote passion? ;-) "Yes, I stifled passion, yep."
10:21 langwitches : They need to move on to incorporate the students' voices more
10:21 KarenJanowski : time to start a Share Students Successes ning
10:21 willrich45-1 : teacherman79 if you can post it and send me a link, or just send me the chat and I'll post it.
10:21 christianlong : @cogdog: (grin)
10:21 justinreeve : same here, langwitches
10:21 jokay : Ya gotta love technology http://www.flickr.com/photos/jokay/2624134965/
10:21 teacherman79 : word doc okay
10:21 mrsdurff-1 : metaweb - with whom are you collaborating globally?
10:21 justinreeve : and it was phenomenally successful
10:21 jennylu : We need to teach the kids to write in a hyperlinked environment
10:21 willrich45-1 : FIne
10:21 csessums : @cogdog let me show you around the school districts in my area
10:21 KarenJanowski : @cogdog - promoting and stifling it are not necessarily opposites
10:22 langwitches : @jennylu EXACTLY
10:22 drobb78 : what happens when a student is isolated from the classroom blogging community? No comments, no other students are reading this classmates posts. Should the teacher intervene?
10:22 metaweb : mrsdurff, I think we may start in-school only
10:22 langwitches : hyperlinked environment. Gotta remember that expression. Thanks
10:22 justinreeve : I think so, drobb, because that's not how the future of writing will occur.
10:22 mrsdurff-1 : teachers=tally keepers
10:22 shareski : nice that they stuck Konrad in a closet.
10:22 jennylu : I think that is the key to success for class blogs
10:22 csessums : we need to teach kids to have confidence in writing
10:22 KarenJanowski : @cogdog promoting and not promoting- that's what I see in my district
10:22 mrsdurff-1 : metaweb - i recommend blogmeister
10:22 christianlong : Appreciate that Konrad says "it's impossible to read everything" that our students write (in a blogging, et al, context). This is THE rub!
10:22 justinreeve : Especially with the trends of Google Docs and Office Live. Documents are moving toward the web and being shared.
10:22 teacherman79 : @will rich I just bought your book...do I still have to pay for it...hehe
10:22 bicyclemark : recommended, friend of mine interviewed Steve Wozniak about education and todays computers http://dailybuzz.mobuzz.tv/shows/interview_with_cofounder_of_apple_steve_wozniak
10:22 langwitches : @drobb78 That happens in the adult world too
10:23 cfoote : so glad this is being streamed. Will, are u saving it?
10:23 langwitches : Need to teah studnets sensitivity the same way as on their p[layground
10:23 cfoote : I was just getting ready to leave Austin, guess I"ll watch a little instead!
10:23 metaweb : ok ill look at blogmeister, was thinking Ning possibly since keeping inhouse first year anyway
10:23 drobb78 : @langwitches good point
10:23 jennylu : Hi carolyn
10:23 cfoote : Hi jenny! late there, eh?
10:23 jennylu : Very!
10:23 justinreeve : okay, I'm liking 21classes
10:24 langwitches : I teach at elementar school. Being "nice" and playing fai not hurting other people's feelings are still big at our age group
10:24 justinreeve : it seems pretty customizable
10:24 justinreeve : I'm not seeing much in the way of custom widgets
10:24 jennylu : I've used wordpress because it's what I know
10:24 langwitches : Maybe it needs to be revisited in higher ed
10:24 justinreeve : but it's very nice, nonetheless. You can manage all student accounts frmo within your dashboard
10:24 metaweb : 21classes, edublogs, blogmeister, or Ning?
10:24 bicyclemark : ning better.
10:24 christianlong : My #1 goal this coming school year with re: to blogging and my students can be summarized in the following: improve our communication with each other INSIDE the classroom (wherever we are), not racing to put them on a global stage. *** Every day I consider: what is possible vs. what is right.
10:25 justinreeve : ning is blocked in our district, unfortunately
10:25 jsommermeyer : ning seems like it might be a bit clumsy for this application
10:25 KarenJanowski : @christian how do u determine "what is right?
10:25 justinreeve : I'd like to see our own school district social network implemented at some time in the near future
10:25 njtechteacher : @langwitches So true, a big part of the learning is how to write in a way that is sensitive to other's feelings.
10:25 bicyclemark : ugh the blocking. THATS somethin that needs to be stopped in the name of freedom
10:25 mrsdurff-1 : kristin hokanson has a ustream for next session at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/copyrightconfusion
10:25 cfoote : love how he helped students set these goals.
10:25 cfoote : can't hear the question?
10:26 cfoote : oh, where his slides are.
10:26 justinreeve : I think when a school district blocks something useful for education, they have a responsibility to provide an alternative.
10:26 christianlong : @KarenJanowski: "Right" is an ever-shifting target, right? Like a lot of the intangibles we offer our kids? But I do know that I was hired to make them amazing IN that classroom 1st!
10:26 Jackson224-1 : what is the blog URL that he is referring to?
10:26 jsommermeyer : what did he say to search for?
10:26 justinreeve : You block YouTube, create your own media sharing site. You block Facebook, host your own social network. etc.
10:26 jennylu : My experience ahs been that the kids are so excited by the global possibilities that it is a huge motivating factor for participation
10:26 bicyclemark : growing a blog
10:26 drobb78 : the presentation is available on his website
10:26 bicyclemark : was what he recommended googling
10:26 drobb78 : i'm sitting in the second row
10:26 mrsdurff-1 : coolness
10:26 KarenJanowski : @christian - thinking about that comment
10:26 cfoote : jsommermeyer his id on flick is teachandlearn I think?
10:26 bicyclemark : Im sitting in Amsterdam south.
10:26 drobb78 : yes, he recommended googling
10:26 njtechteacher : @bicyclemark his "how to grow a blog" image
10:26 justinreeve : I agree, jennylu. A cool classroom activity would be to collaborate with another classroom across the world on a project
10:26 christianlong : @jennylu: Yes, kids are excited by global opps. But they need help NOW with F2F communcation: speaking, eye contact, hand shaking, listening, et al.
10:26 mrsdurff-1 : hi amsterda,
10:27 langwitches : I am sitting in Buenos Aires, Argentina :)
10:27 csessums : i heart metaphors
10:27 jsommermeyer : lol drobb... what did he recommend googling :)
10:27 mrsdurff-1 : hi south america
10:27 metaweb : I am sitting in Morelia. Mexico
10:27 jennylu : I teach in a private school - all girls- understand where you're coming from- sounds like where I used to teach
10:27 cfoote : Here's a link to his flickr acct http://www.flickr.com/photos/teachandlearn/
10:27 mrsdurff-1 : and central america
10:27 csessums : intertextual linking
10:27 bicyclemark : wheres this event taking place?
10:27 cfoote : Hi Metaweb!
10:27 mrsdurff-1 : will - you;re international
10:27 christianlong : If I can help my kids be better listeners via great eye contact with their local/F2F colleagues/peers, I'd give up the global reach thing in a heartbeat. My teaching Maginot Line, if I have to choose.
10:27 cfoote : San Antonio, bicycle
10:27 drobb78 : I think he was joking about googling to find his presentaiton
10:27 teacherman79 : I think this type of communication improves F2F
10:27 metaweb : Mexico is in North America .. ha ha ha
10:28 drobb78 : hard to tell - I think he was being sarcastic
10:28 KarenJanowski : @christian - interesting that this is your priority....
10:28 csessums : @drobb he's not
10:28 mrsdurff-1 : i do it with 7th grade
10:28 teacherman79 : This gives kids with little F2F confidence more confidence...
10:28 christianlong : @KarenJanowski: Shouldn't it be for ALL of us? Morally? Professionally? Human to Human?
10:28 justinreeve : I think some kids could develop those skills, sure
10:28 mrsdurff-1 : takes 'em the first month to get over the teacher thing - i ain't one
10:29 csessums : what about responding to kids' needs rather than ours?
10:29 shareski : @christianlong.....that was your goal last year....it continues to influence my thinking
10:29 mrsdurff-1 : they do not need to be filled
10:29 metaweb : My teachers have underdeveloped skills in writing, communication, and technology .. huge challenges ahead
10:29 kdumont : 6 minutes for the page to open the stream from within the room. Hate missing the backchannel
10:29 mrsdurff-1 : they are not empty vessels
10:29 christianlong : @shareski: No doubt it was my goal in returning to the classroom to teach last fall; I hope it reamins the perpetual goal for the next 30 yrs of my career.
10:30 willrich45-1 : I dropped out for a bit.
10:30 mrsdurff-1 : hi kelly
10:30 kdumont : Hi Durff
10:30 willrich45-1 : WHoever said they would save chat, please send to weblogged@gmail.com
10:30 cfoote : Will, are u saving this session?
10:30 bicyclemark : Ive been guest lecturing in Dutch secondary schools... doing my own little research into what kids are doing with the internet
10:30 langwitches : @christianlong I believe there are other opportunities for f2f teaching and learning. My priority for web 2.0 is the global aspect, since it is harder to expose students to that awareness in many other ways
10:30 jennylu : It's my goal too Christian- but I think you can do both
10:30 cfoote : want to share it with some of our teachers.
10:30 bicyclemark : the results are not impressive.
10:30 christianlong : @shareski: I guess that if I had to be 'awkward' at one thing for the rest of my career, I'd rather work on helping kids with F2F realities than virtual possibilities.
10:30 teacherman79 : @wilrich... will do
10:30 christianlong : @jennylu: Of course. It is an and/and prop. But I'm 51 on the side of F2F, 49 on the side of virtual.
10:30 KarenJanowski : @christian - i think you are describing skills that are taught at home. Ability to speak/present publicly is paramount
10:31 mrsdurff-1 : it's :
10:31 mrsdurff-1 : oops
10:31 justinreeve : those skills aren't always taught at home
10:31 mrsdurff-1 : 10:30
10:31 Rodd_Lucier : Dialogue supercedes the lecture! Funny... appropriate to this chat
10:31 johnrivera-1 : jumping over from visit to SL preso at #necc
10:31 christianlong : @KarenJanowski: Yes, agree. And rarely are kids (or adults) taught how to really speak effectively.
10:31 mrsdurff-1 : backchannel
10:31 mrsdurff-1 : not a chat
10:31 justinreeve : all too often they're not, in fact. Does that make it the responsibility of the teacher to teach them?
10:31 jsommermeyer : I wish I hadnt taken speech as a freshman in college... didnt realize how much I would have learned there until it was way too late
10:31 mrsdurff-1 : chat is a misnomer
10:31 njtechteacher : @christian Unfortuantely those skills aren't necessarily taught at home. They need f2f practice in school groups too.
10:32 mrsdurff-1 : yes we need to focus more on debate skills
10:32 mrsdurff-1 : public speaking skills
10:32 KarenJanowski : @christian - what is interesting is we are seeing an increase in school anxieties and school phobias - some kids feel pressured on a variety of levels - do you see that in your school?
10:32 christianlong : @langwitches: I hear you on the global element. I'm not suggesting ignoring it. But I want the foundation to be real communication skills first, global publishing/collab second. And not in the trad sit-in-your-seats way, either. Ancient storytelling/listening ways, instead!
10:33 justinreeve : I'm not sure it's a good idea to push kids into F2F situations where they'll just always be awkward no matter what you do.
10:33 christianlong : @KarenJanowski: Yes, but its not a school thing. It's a modern human thing. And the kids are responding to our adult fears/anxieties/pressures, too.
10:33 metaweb : I think that is debatable mrsduff .
10:33 KarenJanowski : @christian, the virtual world can help overcome the anxieties. use of digital tools can overcome some obstacles
10:33 csessums : you can teach kids to be independent researchers without blogs
10:33 mrsdurff-1 : what is metaweb?
10:33 mrsdurff-1 : i looked away
10:33 justinreeve : I'm undecided. I was an awkward kid who didn't do well in F2F situations, couldn't give presentations, etc. But I'm not sure any amount of teacher encouragement would have helped.
10:33 christianlong : @njtechteacher: I agree with you.
10:33 mrsdurff-1 : spellcheck
10:33 mrsdurff-1 : duh
10:34 csessums : its not about technology is about people relearning to communicate
10:34 justinreeve : yeah, who needs to learn how to spell nowadays?
10:34 teacherman79 : @justinreeve...awkward adult here...hehe
10:34 metaweb : I think Ss need to be better prepared to repsond to real-time communications rather that staged and pre-prepared forms
10:34 KarenJanowski : @justinreeve - how has that impacted your teaching?
10:34 justinreeve : spellcheck solves everything
10:34 mrsdurff-1 : unlearn, relearn
10:34 christianlong : @KarenJanowski: Of course, as a supplement. But it is the supplement, not the reality -- semantics aside. Save for a small subset of the human population (due to 'abilities'/access).
10:34 justinreeve : I'm not a teacher. I wish I had the gift, though.
10:34 mrsdurff-1 : nope - still need proofing
10:34 langwitches : @christianlong I grew up with extensive audiobook industry for babies, kids and adolescents in Germany. Raised my own kids with audio stories in German while they grew up in America
10:34 justinreeve : I'm our school district's web manager.
10:34 teacherman79 : @justinreeve...all you need to start is desire
10:34 csessums : @justin yes you are a teacher, you just don't think of yourself that way
10:34 teacherman79 : you have that...
10:35 teacherman79 : and Csessums is right...
10:35 christianlong : @langwitches: But were you reading/listening WITH them, F2F, so to speak?
10:35 langwitches : Listening skills are incredibly important
10:35 justinreeve : well I have taught teachers before. But I don't have the gift you excellent teachers have.
10:35 teacherman79 : You are in a school you teach..
10:35 justinreeve : I can teach in other ways. Blogs being one of them.
10:35 KarenJanowski : @justinreeve - you can advocate for the students who don't do well in the "traditional" classroom
10:35 christianlong : @langwitches: Yes, tech is vital...but you were most likely side-by-side with your kiddos along the way, right?
10:35 mrsdurff-1 : you can't listen if you are busy making a rucus
10:35 justinreeve : F2F though, not very skilled at it.
10:35 csessums : teachers don't need schools
10:35 jennylu : @christian long you're the devil's advocate in our echo chamber -good stuff!
10:35 teacherman79 : @justinreeve...and that will help your teaching in other areas...F2F
10:35 Rodd_Lucier : While listening to this presentation, posted a 5 minute podcast: Attending NECC from the Cottage : ) http://tinyurl.com/3rz84w This is a really good back-channel forum... Love the sharing and learning in this space
10:36 langwitches : @christianlong Yes, we were listening in car, bedtime story, retelling stories the next day. The characters became part of our lives :)
10:36 metaweb : Most people pasively listen rather than active listening
10:36 christianlong : @jennylu: I'm also one of the biggest fans of it all (and have been rewarded professionally for embracing 2.0 et al), but I am also curious which means I want to figure it out...all to SERVE my students. Period.
10:36 justinreeve : I think there are many, many different ways to be a teacher. Ultimately when teaching kids there will never be any replacement for the F2F teacher.
10:36 mrsdurff-1 : tell konrad how many were in the ustream please
10:36 justinreeve : It makes me a little concerned when I see all these virtual K-12 schools going up.
10:36 christianlong : @langwitches: Love that last line. Just like ancient storytellers around a fire.
10:37 jennylu : I can feel your passion Christian -all good
10:37 metaweb : Ouch
10:37 christianlong : @justinreeve: amen to you!
10:37 mrsdurff-1 : f2f doesn't necessarily mean in the same location
10:37 justinreeve : I have nothing but admiration for the amazing work you teachers do.
10:37 jsommermeyer : wow
10:37 jsommermeyer : what was that...
10:37 csessums : this wouldn't be as much fun without this discussion!
10:37 metaweb : Clap clap
10:37 mrsdurff-1 : clap clap
10:37 langwitches : I still tell stories of my grandmother to my kids. Love storytelling in any form or media :)
10:37 jsommermeyer : Clap
10:37 csessums : what is the role of the lecture? stimulate backchannels!
10:37 bicyclemark : theres the man
10:37 christianlong : @mrsdurff-1: So true. But we need to remember that just because we can Skype vid chat doesn't mean we fail totalk about eye contact, speaking pace, pauses, etc.
10:37 justinreeve : no I agree mrsdurff, but there's something to say when a student is in the same physical room as the teacher.
10:37 metaweb : Thanks!!!
10:37 mrsdurff-1 : on to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/copyrightconfusion
10:37 justinreeve : There's a much deeper connection to the teacher.
10:37 njtechteacher : Thank you for inviting us in Konrad
10:38 mrsdurff-1 : ity IS packed
10:38 teacherman79 : hey wil...
10:38 teacherman79 : I will send that
10:38 justinreeve : Moreso than if they watch the teacher on a monitor.